GTA 5: Install The Wrong Disc, Break The Game (VIDEO)

Warning: Install The Wrong Disc And You'll Break GTA 5

GTA 5 is here - but your copy of the game might not be working for long unless you follow this advice.

As you may know, there is a requirement to play GTA 5 on Xbox 360 that you must install 8GB of data from the "install" disc.

But don't install the other disc - labelled "Play" - because that might just screw up your game.

Users have reported dropped frames, bad textures and other graphical errors if you do.

Rockstar said that it did not recommend users installing both discs:

"So what's the story here? Well, optimal streaming is achieved by making use of all the available bandwidth in the system. Why stream just from the hard drive when you can run in data simultaneously from both the disc and the HDD? Based on what we're seeing on the Xbox 360 version, perhaps running both DVD and HDD assets from just the one source slows down access times, impacting streaming performance. It's not game-breaking stuff, but it does take you out of the moment when it does manifest and for that reason we can't recommend installing the play disc.

"GTA5 isn't available for digital delivery on Xbox Live, but we are curious what the impact - if any - will be on the PS3 version, as that is available as a PSN download. The Digital Foundry Face-Off - due tomorrow morning at 11am - is based on comparison of the two retail disc versions of the game."

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