Classic 'Wii Sports' Are Coming To The Wii U

Nintendo has announced that the original Wii Sports games that made its motion-controlled console such a hit, are coming to the all-new HD Wii U.

All five of the core mini-games from the original Wii Sports - Tennis, Bowling, Boxing, Baseball and Golf - will be released as individual titles in the Wii U eShop.

Nintendo said that the games will have upgraded HD graphics, new Wii MotionPlus controls and online multiplayer which lets different regions play against each other.

Nintendo said that users will be about to chat via Miiverse, the gaming giant's social network, and practice against members of their own regional club.

Tennis and Bowling will be the first games to be re-released, hitting the shop on November 7. The rest will follow later in 2013.

The release will come with a number of options. Users can download Wii Sports Club and play all of the titles for 24 hours. They can then purchase a 24-hour day pass for £1.79, or buy each of the games individually for £8.99 each.

Nintendo also announced new details about Wii Fit U, the new version of its popular fitness game and accessories pack.