Justin Timberlake Shocked By Butt Present From Brazilian Presenter Sabrina Sato (VIDEO)

WATCH: JT Squirms Under Presenter's Outrageous Flirting

Justin Timberlake is no stranger to interviews but he certainly didn't look his normal comfortable self while Brazilian presenter and comedian Sabrina Sato lavished affection on him this week.

Remaining polite throughout her six-minute prank, the 'Mirrors' singer squirmed as Sabrina called him "hot" and constantly played with her hair.

JT was in Brazil to promote his latest flick 'Runner, Runner' but Sabrina was more intent on getting him to dance.

She told him he sang and danced "like a black American," and asked if he would "want to learn to samba like a black Brazilian?"

Justin laughed but his publicist declined the offer for him.

The best part of the whole interview? When JT was presented with a signed model of Sabrina's butt. Take a look in the video above.


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