Amy Childs Dons Army Outfit At Latest Ridiculous Product Launch (PICTURES)

Don't You Point That (Tanning) Gun At Us, Amy

Amy Childs is sure giving Katie Price a run for her money in the ridiculous product launches stakes.

The former 'TOWIE' star got kitted out in camouflage gear to promote her latest wares.

Amy Childs

Striking a pose at the Olympia beauty trade show, Amy brandished her tanning gun (complete with vajazzled machine, natch) at photographers.

Amy went all Action Woman for her latest product launch

But there was a reason behind the bizarre army get-up - she is launching the Amy Childs' Academy, which invites her 'Glam Army' sergeants to train in how to spray tan, as well as receiving advice on how to set up their own tanning empire.

Amy already has her own beauty salon, clothing collection, swimwear, fitness DVD, fake eyelash range, fake tan range and perfume. The girl done good!

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