Inception-Style Rotating Room Means Crazy Special Effects On A $350 Budget

Spend $350 on some wood, a couple of car rims and some old furniture and lo and behold - you have what it took Christopher Nolan $160 million to create.

Not quite perhaps but this is a pretty respectable stab at an Inception-style special effects room.

Videographer Justin Fredrick Clark and some friends spent just a week making the incredibly cool studio.

DIY Hollywood

He says of his project: "We built this set and tore it down for $350 in 1week. It was for a work project. It was a blast, we literally made it up as we built it.

"Practically everything was borrowed, the car rims, the casters, the furniture, the 5d, batteries, inverter, the fork lifts.

"We had a lot of fun playing with it once we got the shots."

Not as sophisticated ass the Hollywood blockbuster perhaps but it certainly has a lot more charm...

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