Samsung's 'Over To You' Campaign Highlights 12 Insanely Cool Ways To Use A (Galaxy) Smartphone


There are only so many smartphone spec sheets you can read before your eyes glaze over and your brain shuts down.

But when a phone maker comes along and actually uses their amazing kit to do something creative? That's when our brains start to shake with possibilities -- and dreams of professionally-edited viral video fame.

Today it's Samsung's turn to demonstrate the potential of their Galaxy S4 'collection' (the standard S4, the smaller S4 Mini, the waterproof S4 Active, the optical zoom S4 Zoom and the very big Galaxy Mega).

They've given each of these phones to somebody relevant and interesting - a leading BMXer to show off the Slow Motion Mode on the S4, and a fashion blogger to use the S4 Mini to go undercover at fashion week - and let them go wild around the UK.

The result is 12 videos which are all neat and interesting. (And yeah, it's a bit marketing-heavy - but we couldn't help it - it's just a relief to have something genuinely cool to show off about phones for once.)

Each of the 'Over To You' films can be viewed on YouTube. But we've picked out our six favourites below. The campaign will run for four weeks - plenty of time to pick out a new phone, or watch in between shamefully lazy sessions of New Star Soccer.