Beauty And The Bride: The Wonders Of Juicing

Beauty And The Bride: The Wonders Of Juicing

Juice: no longer just a beverage to knock back with breakfast but something that can improve your skin and health pretty much instantly. And isn't that welcome news for brides?

If you're at the stage where you've just got a few weeks to go before the big day and really want to get that Miranda Kerr-esque glow, juicing is the addition to your diet that promises to get you there fast.

I'm not usually one to jump on a bandwagon promising so much from doing so little, but I got really, really into juicing shortly before my wedding and can confirm after just three days my skin was smoother, dewy and clearer - it was like I'd had the best facial ever.

Apart from the aesthetic benefits, I also found two fresh green juices a day improved my digestion and sent my energy levels soaring.

So how does juice achieve so much so quickly? Geeta Sindhu-Robb, Founder and CEO of Nosh Detox, says: "It instantly makes a difference to your organs and it just so happens the skin is the largest organ, so it glows really quickly after you add juice to your diet. It gets so many nutrients into your system."

The results are brilliant, but the idea of juicing loads of fruit and veg everyday can seem like a bit of a task. However, if you are making your own, Sindhu-Robb has shared a sweet and a savoury juice recipe that each take just two minutes and will still make that instant difference to your skin and health.

She says: "If you want a sweet juice, use banana as your base and add something citric - an orange is perfect - and then pineapple and mint.

"For a savoury juice, use avocado as your base, lemon as your citric element and some rocket leaves."

Easy peasy, right? All you need to do now is get juicing plus Sindhu-Robb suggested a few items to add to your shopping list that will work wonders for your skin and health. Glowing skin is but a trip to the supermarket away...


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