Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews Reveals He Had Sex With A Prostitute, Had A Sixsome And Has Taken Acid In New Autobiography

'I Had Sex With A Prostitute'

Spencer Matthews' autobiography looks set to be even more explosive than a whole series of 'Made In Chelsea', with tales of how he unwittingly slept with a prostitute, had a sexual encounter with a man while enjoying a sixsome, and how he experimented with drugs.

In 'Confessions Of A Chelsea Boy', the reality star recalled how he was tricked into sleeping with a hooker, after a bet with a friend while travelling in South Africa.

Spencer Matthews

Expanding on the encounter to The Sun, he said that after 'pulling' the girl in 25 seconds, he was soon left red faced when she demanded cash for her services.

"I felt as though I had been taken for a ride. We were having a juvenile contest to see who could pull the fastest and this girl came over and was really full-on," he said.

“I was so annoyed by the fact I had been tricked.Obviously it was sex so I wasn’t that angry but I felt a bit hard done by.”

In the book, Spencer also admitted he has taken part in group sex, with one male participant getting a little over excited when they hooked up with some Canadian tourists.

"I was enjoying a h***-job from what I hoped was one of the nifty Canadian girls when I noticed a slightly firmer grip than had been the case earlier that evening," he said.

"‘Ben,’ I said, ‘stick to the girls, mate. Not my thing’."

Spencer - who was allegedly snapped snorting cocaine in pictures published in the tabloids last year - also told of how he spent a whole summer experimenting with the drug in St Barts aged 16, as well as recalling the time he took he took LSD - or acid - at a country rave he went to with a fellow 'Made In Chelsea' star.

"I don't condone drugs and am uncomfortable about appearing to glamourise them," he said. "But I need to tackle the subject with total honesty."

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