'Faces Of Facebook' Places All 1.2 Billion Facebook Users On One Page

All 1.2 Billion Facebook Users On One Page

A website claims to have placed every Facebook account picture ever uploaded on its homepage, at once.

'TheFacesOfFacebook' is an interactive collage of all the pictures used by Facebook's 1.2 billion users.

By clicking on the image - which admittedly looks a bit like TV static - you can zoom in to see any of the public images on the site.

The list is arranged in chronological order - allowing you to see the first few lucky users of the website, and the most recent.

The site is the work of designer Natalia Rojas, and (as viewers of 'The Social Network' know) is a neat callback to the site which Mark Zuckerberg launched prior to Facebook proper.

Above: what the site looks like 'zoomed in'

If you log into the site and give up rights to your data, you can see where you place in the list, and who signed up when you did.

It's a great visualisation of the site's massive popularity - even if it is also slightly terrifying just how many people are using it.


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