Apple's Cash Hoard Is $147 Billion - More Than The GDP Of Most Countries

Apple Has More Cash Than You Could Ever Imagine

Apple is rich. Really, really rich.

So rich in fact they have 10% of all corporate cash held by US non-financial companies - $147 billion (£90.86 billion).

Let's put that in perspective. If Apple were a country its cash reserves alone would make it 58th biggest economy in the world - richer than Vietnam.

If we add the company's assets and brand value then it would jump to 28th place.

Apple's rise has been astronomical. In 2000 it had a brand value of $6.6 billion which in just 13 years has increased by 15 times.

That's not to say the rest of the US business world is doing too badly - Microsoft are in second place followed by Google, Cisco and Pfizer.

The 14th annual Interbrand 'Best Global Brands' study found that Apple's brand alone was worth $98.3 billion - or just over £60 billion.

Here's a look at the other top 10 brands on that list:


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