02/10/2013 06:07 BST | Updated 02/10/2013 06:20 BST

GTA Online Might Break Your 'Story Mode' Save Game


GTA Online launched on Tuesday, amid a predictable perfect storm of massive interest, server collapses and various forms of glee, impatience and outrage.

But while developers Rockstar have insisted they are working hard to buy up new servers, more serious issues might also be plaguing the online half of its ridiculously popular crime simulator.

According to reports by MCV, CVG and Joystiq, playing the online portion of the game might be causing glitches in single-player saves.

Several players have reported that their progress in the single-player 'Story Mode' has been lost after logging into GTA Online.

Journalist Chris Schilling was among those who reported issues with the game:

Many other users said on social media and the gaming forum NeoGAF that they had experienced similar problems ranging from corrupt files to missing weapons, missions and unresponsive switching between characters.

There are also issues for gamers who saved their progress in the single-player game without being logged into PSN or Xbox Live, who then log in to access the online service but lose access to their saves.

Rockstar has always maintained that there would be some issues with the game's launch, but said affected users should head to its forums and support pages.

"We are continuing to look into these issues and are working around the clock on resolving them as quickly as possible. This includes close monitoring of our Support systems, forums, social media, and in-game data to measure traffic along with Community sentiment to ensure ongoing improvements to stability. Please stay tuned for more updates."