04/10/2013 05:36 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Pokemon Tombstone: Gravestone Memorialises Boy's Favourite Video Game (PICTURE)

The death of a child is always a tragedy. And when the worst happens, parents often want to remember their son or daughter as they were.

For one family in Sweden, that meant only one thing: Pokemon.

A gravestone discovered in Lund, Sweden, by a user of Reddit, shows a boy of just five years old in an incredibly lifelike position, playing his favourite Game Boy Advance video game.

The five-year-old loved the game so much - and in particular the Graveler-type Pokemon - that his parents commissioned the statue after his death.

The statue has won huge praise from gamers since being discovered. Destructoid said "sweet and sad at the same time, it makes my heart do cartwheels" while on Reddit 'iHydro' said "It's beautiful that his parents want to remember him that way".

Take a look at the incredible statue, below.