04/10/2013 08:56 BST | Updated 04/10/2013 09:23 BST

Tommy Robinson Accused Of 'Stalkerish And Bizarre' Behaviour By Anti-EDL Campaign Group

Tommy Robinson has been accused of "stalkerish and bizarre" behaviour by an anti-English Defence League campaign group.

The website has accused the EDL leader of embarking on "a wild goose chase" in an attempt to track down and "have a chat" with their editor.

Editor Gary Moon told Huffington Post UK he now had "serious concerns," about the EDL leader "going around picking names out of a phone book."

"Tommy tweeted us to say he knew where we lived and wanted to pay us a visit so we invited him round for a cup of tea and he could not even get that right," the site said.

Robinson had been looking in the phone book for Moon's address and came across a Garry Moon – a man totally unconnected to the website.

On Wednesday this week he then sent the site the tweet below, apparently of a photo outside the property of the wrong man.

He then posted images in which he appears to be looking through the man's mail and standing outside his door.

The site branded the behaviour "bizarre and stalkerish" and Moon revealed fears the far-right group "could damage an innocent member of the public."

“We are becoming increasingly concerned about far right’s tactic of targeting the press and now they have started targeting bloggers who are questioning where EDL leadership are funding their lifestyles."

Last month saw a young reporter with the Doncaster Free Press targeted with threats and BBC presenter Andrew Neil says he has had death threats after a fiery confrontation with Robinson.

Now, EDL News told Huffington Post, "threats are coming to people’s doors."

"The EDL are not too diligent with their information gathering, which sooner or later will lead to the thugs targeting someone completely unconnected.

'It is more about looking tough in front of their supporters on Facebook and Twitter than it is targeting the person they had in mind. Any similar name from the phone book will do.”

The tweets have since been deleted. Tommy Robinson has been contacted for comment.