07/10/2013 09:36 BST | Updated 07/10/2013 09:38 BST

Azealia Banks Storms Off Stage At Listen Out Festival In Australia After Being Hit By A Can (VIDEO)

Azealia Banks showed there’s no shame in being a diva, especially when you’ve been pelted by fans who have paid to watch you perform.

As the rapper took to the stage for the Listen Out Festival in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday to belt out her new single, ‘ATM Jam’ she was hit by an object, that appeared to be a can, thrown by one of the crowd.

azelia banks

Azealia Banks

Her reaction was impulsive as she immediately threw her microphone on the floor and stormed off stage.

Following the incident the star tweeted: “Sorry to all the festival-goers in Melbourne !!!!! See ya tomorrow in Brisbane !!!!!”

Later she reassured any concerned followers that she was fine and after calming down quickly noted the positives. She added: “The can definitely didn't hit me.....and I definitely still got paid. More press please, and thank you. -Xx AB”

But she didn't stop there, later joking that for her next show she’s ‘bringing a tennis racket on stage.’

At least she saw the funny side… eventually.




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