08/10/2013 07:03 BST | Updated 08/10/2013 07:11 BST

How To Cure Fear Of Heights: Try A Bungee Jump? (VIDEO)

I don't have a fear of heights as such - just an aversion to throwing myself off high things.

I'm fairly certain it stems from falling out of the tree in my parents' back yard as a kid and ever since I have refrained from putting myself in any situation where my inability to fly would be tested.

With this in mind I have more than a little sense of trepidation as I gaze out over Bray Lake in Maidenhead from a height of 160ft attached to what is essentially an oversized elastic band. *shudders*


There is little dignity involved in bungee jumping...

Despite being so high up the ground looks... imminent.

I'm suddenly very aware of my stomach and very thankful I went to the loo beforehand.

"No hesitation. Thumbs on the other side so you can't hold on," says the guy in charge.

"3,2,1 BUNGEE!"

And with that I am off with nothing more than a strangled screamy gurgle.

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The initial feeling is one of utter confusion as my brain tries to comprehend exactly why I've done something so completely unnatural.

This is quickly replaced by pure exhilaration as I plunge towards the lake at the mercy of gravity.


UK Bungee Club's staff make you feel relatively relaxed and can even force a smile from you

And then it's over. I'm back on dry land, my legs are quivering - but this time the shakes are more through adrenaline than the crippling fear just before I jumped.

I've put myself through this ordeal as Tuesday 8 October is 'Face Your Fears Day', an opportunity to overcome something that gives you the jitters, makes your skin crawl or keeps you up at night.

And this really could be anything.


Fear equals sweat patches

A recent survey by found modern technology is a source of angst for many with the self-service checkout freaking out a significant amount of people.

Topping the list is the more traditional (and rational) phobia of snakes and creepy crawlies followed closely by heights.

Luckily (or not) there are (in)considerate people out there who can arrange an opportunity for you to get over either, or even prepare you for a zombie invasion.

So, face your fear. What will you you do?

(The UK Bungee Club hold events around the country in locations such as London's O2, the iconic Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough and the Bray Lake).