10/10/2013 12:41 BST

One Direction Split Rumours Surface As Louis Tomlinson Craves A 'Normal Life'

As the biggest boy band in the world with one of the biggest bank balances in music to match it’s hard to see why Louis Tomlinson would reportedly be considering leaving One Direction, but the attention that comes with being so famous appears to be his motivation.

Earlier this week the star moaned on Twitter about relentless paparazzi hounding him and his band mates in their hotel in Australia, posting: “It’s a beautiful day and we can’t leave the hotel. #papsaretwats”


Louis Tomlinson

And now directioners have a new reason to worry, according to Heat the singer wants a quieter life.

A source told the magazine: “He’s [Louis] desperate for a more normal life where he can just take his girlfriend out without worrying some nutter is going to claw her eyes out. He can see a life after One Direction and that’s increasingly appealing to him.”

If that wasn’t enough to worry fans, Louis’ allegedly been forging out a career for himself once the band does disintegrate. The insider claims Louis is focused on song writing and is hoping to attract an older set of followers to move things on.

one direction

One Direction

The source added: "A lot is riding on how well the next album is received, because Louis and Liam wrote the majority of it. Oddly enough, the better it does, the more likely Louis is to head for the exit."

How on earth will a generation of teenage girls cope if these reports prove true?