11/10/2013 11:48 BST | Updated 14/02/2014 06:59 GMT

Groom Shows Off Amazing Footballing Freestyle Talent On Wedding Day (VIDEO)

Forget typical wedding traditions, majestic princess gowns and all eyes on the bride - this groom has spiced things up on his special day.

Daniel Cutting, pro-football freestyler and five-time world record holder, shows off his incredible free-styling talent just moments before his soon-to-be wife arrives.

Good for him for being bold enough to try an upstage his bride - we hope The Wedding March didn't seem too dull in comparison - and good luck to him on dealing with his wife's fury when, come their golden wedding anniversary, family and friends will still be talking about the way the groom headed that football.

Who's going to be playing the ball games in this eternal bond, we wonder?