Lea Michele's Emotional Scene In 'Glee' Goodbye Finn Episode Honours Cory Monteith (SPOILER, VIDEO)

WATCH: 'I Can Still See His Face'

'Glee' said an emotional farewell to actor Cory Monteith with an episode all about saying goodbye to his much-loved character Finn Hudson, on Thursday.

SPOILER: This story is about an episode of Glee, 'The Quarterback', which has been shown in the US but will not air until 18 October in the UK.

Cory’s on-and-off-screen girlfriend, Lea Michele, didn’t appear until 45 minutes into the episode, but her scenes were definitely the most emotional of the show.

The story picked up three weeks after his funeral with the cast still in mourning. Their "assignment" for the week was to sing songs in remembrance of Finn to honour his memory and celebrate his life. Virtually the entire cast of the show came back for this special memorial.

In most of the scenes it was evident that the raw emotions on the faces of the cast were genuine. Viewers could see Lea mourning her lost love just as Rachel was mourning hers.

“I talk to him a lot. I can still see his face, and can hear his voice so clearly," she told Will. "Do you think I’ll ever forget it? Because I’m afraid that one day, I will.”

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