'Great British Bake Off' Episode 9 Review - Beca Goes Home, And There's No Time For Flirting!

It's as those 'British Bake Off' types hear us talking. The week after they got told off for blubbing, there was barely a sniff, and this week, after various rumours, it seemed the only person Paul Hollywood was buttering up was his friend Ms Berry.

Never mind that it was the semi-final, and never mind the fact that there were four left - I was only watching one of them, to see what all the fuss is about. Was Ruby getting 'special' treatment?

Ruby was her usual self-deprecating self, but made it through to the final

There was a potential moment for a joke about neat tartlets, but that was swiftly despatched. I reckon he's just staring at her, wondering still - like the rest of us - why the denim jacket on OVER the apron?

Beca - "unmemorable" canapes kick-started her slow exit from the tent

In actual fact, there wasn't really enough time to flutter any eyelashes, as it was a particularly time-heavy set of tasks this week - first a set of identical canapés, then an ambitious Charlotte Royale and finally a show-stopping opera cake.

It was poor Beca who eventually went home, inevitable from the moment her canapés weren't "memorable" enough for Mary Berry. Damned with gentle criticism.

Kimberley - undoubtedly capable but, oh, so smug

Kimberley was crowned Star Baker - thanks to capable canapés, faultless Charlotte and a lime-kissed operatic number. She's undoubtedly good, but I can really do without her cookery lessons to camera each week, while everyone else tries to mop up the flour from their face. Please don't let her win.