Handcuffed Michigan Fan Pepper Sprayed In Face By Policeman (PICTURE)

A handcuffed Michigan fan was pepper sprayed in the face by a policeman during a college football game.

The striking image captured shows a Wolverines fan with his arms apparently secured behind his back as a police officer sprays him in the face.

The supporter was maced during the Penn State home game that ended in victory for Nittany Lions.

The seemingly restrained fan is sprayed in the face

One spectator who was apparently sitting in the section, told Deadspin the Michigan fan had become confrontational.

There is also footage which shows the man getting sprayed in the face three times before he is forcibly escorted from the stands.

Penn State Police Chief Tyrone Parham acknowledged the incident in a statement released by the university Monday, stating that alcohol was a factor.

"Fans in section NL asked an usher for assistance when the man became disruptive and offensive toward them. When the usher tried to eject him from the stadium, he allegedly struck her, which is when police were called to assist. Four officers responded - two from State College and two from Penn State - but when they tried to remove him from the stadium he continued spewing expletives, became physical and resisted arrest. At that point it became a safety issue and that's when the decision was made to use the pepper spray and attempt to handcuff him."

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