Britney Spears Takes A Tour Around London On A Sightseeing Bus (PICS)

In The (Travel) Zone

The back seat of buses are usually the domain of school kids playing some dirge through their mobiles or the local drunk having a conversation with themselves, not Britney blinkin' Spears.

But that's exactly who parked their famous backside on the back seat of a London bus yesterday, as Britney took in the sights of the capital.

Britney gets the bus

The singer was spotted on a tour bus passing through Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Parliament and Hyde Park as she took some time out from promoting her current single 'Work Bitch'.

Well, celebs taking the tube is like, SO last year.

But the famous British weather sounds like it proved to be a bit much for Britney, who later tweeted that she was feeling a bit chilly during her tour.

“Had a wonderful time riding around London on the tour bus this evening! It was freezing outside! Brrrr, " she tweeted.

Get that woman a coat.


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