'Flipcase' Uses Apple's Flawed iPhone 5C Case For Unique Game (VIDEO)

'Flipcase' Uses Apple's Flawed iPhone Case For Unique Game

When the iPhone 5C arrived it was widely praised as a colourful., high quality aesthetic redesign of last year's iPhone 5.

The official cases on the other hand...

While we liked the colourful, hole-filled wraparounds, many were critical of the fact that (a) they show the word "non" through the gaps, and (b) they look like Crocs.

Now one enterprising app maker has found a way to use that design to its advantage.

'Flipcase' is a simple game which requires players to flip their Apple case around, and play through the gaps.

Take a look at how it works below - and if you like it, download away: the app is free.

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