If The Moon Was As Close To Earth As The Space Station It Would Look Like This (VIDEO)

Imagine If The Moon Was As Close As The ISS...

As impossible thought experiments go, this one is pretty cool.

Imagine if the Moon orbited the Earth at the same distance as the International Space Station (ISS) obviously ignoring the catastrophic consequences such an event would have.

It would be big. Very, very big.

This big

But in reality, if it were to happen it would be unlikely we'd be able to sit enjoying the view from the park.

The increased gravitational pull would wreak havoc on sea levels and the Roche Limit would likely mean the Moon would have broken up, pelting the Earth with debris.

So we'll stick with this peaceful and rather idealised view for now.

This video was made by the same person responsible for the "What would happen if the Moon was replaced by other planets in the Solar System?", an equally impressive visualisation.

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