'The Sun' Mixes Up 'Sarif Industries' (From 'Deus Ex') With Real Company, Credits It For Cybernetic Eyeball

Newspaper Thinks 'Sarif Industries' From Video Game Is A Real Company

Look, we all want the future to hurry up and arrive already - preferably riding on a jetpack.

Sometimes we might even write about products or ideas whose commercial applications are still years away, just to satisfy your - and our own - curiosity.

But it looks like The Sun newspaper might have just gone a bit too far in that quest today.

In a small article the paper asks an author and futurist to pick his favourite developing technologies. Among them are cybernetic implants - which is fair enough. Unfortunately, in the accompanying blurb, one of the name-checked companies is Sarif Industries, credited for its remarkable "eyeball implant" and its ability to let blind humans regain their sight:

The cybernetic eyeball in the article is amazingly detailed and advanced, looking like a cross between a space station capsule and HAL 9000.

The problem?

The company doesn't quite exist.

Yes, it has a website. But the only place Sarif Industries has ever done business is inside the video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Admittedly the website is pretty convincing - with its own stock ticker, news page and conceptual gallery. But perhaps the aggressive cyber-punk "hacks" present on every page should have been a bit of a giveaway…

It's not clear whose fault the foul-up really is, but if the Sun wants some more tech to write about tomorrow can we recommend the Japanese firm behind these really quite advanced go-karts, on sale next summer.

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