'Downton Abbey' Series 4, Episode 5, Preview: Will Anna Open Up To Bates? (PICTURES)

FIRST LOOK: Will Anna Open Up To Bates?
Mr Bates and Anna
Mr Bates and Anna

First look photos from 'Downton Abbey' series 4, episode 5, suggest that lady's maid Anna is still struggling to decide whether to open up to her husband Bates after her horrifying assault at the hands of valet Mr Green.

In last Sunday's episode, viewers saw Anna face the harshest light of day as she struggled to keep her secrets from Bates. The scene between Anna and her only confidante Mrs Hughes was a great example of two fine actors playing two strong women.

Will 'Downton' fans this week find out if her and Bates' relationship is doomed? Take a look through the preview pictures for episode 5 below, which also show Alfred go all fancy and head to the Ritz for some training.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Episode 5


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