iPotty: Training Toilet With iPad Stand Now On Sale In The UK

A potty with an in-build iPad holder has been released in the UK.

The iPotty - first announced back in January - is a plastic training toilet for children who just can't stop playing Angry Birds.

The 'CTA Digital 2-in-1 iPotty' costs £29.99 from Amazon, and has a genuine function. Children who are toilet-training often find it difficult to stay put on the loo - the iPad's presence is designed to keep them there.

As TechAdvisor notes however - there are some issues. Many of them involving hygiene. But for the right user we suppose it might make some kind of sense.

As one of the reviewers notes:

"Got this expecting it to be a "novelty" item that wouldn't last the day but boy, was I wrong! Very sturdy construction alongside bright vivid colours have made this, very quickly, a firm favourite in our house."

So there you go - a winner. For certain audiences.

Let us know if you're convinced below in the comments.

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