Partial Lunar Eclipse On Friday Night Will See The Full Moon Turn Slightly Red

Good news folks, there will be a lunar eclipse on Friday night - a minor, partial one. In the middle of the night.

The full moon will pass through the outer edges of the Earth's shadow in a phenomenon known as a penumbral (almost shade) lunar eclipse.

This should manifest itself as a slightly red dimming of a normally bright moon.

It should look a little like this

This type of eclipse occurs due to the distance of the moon from the Earth. The closer an object is to the surface on which it is projecting a shadow, the sharper it is.

As you well know, the moon is quite a distance from us so the shadow the Earth casts on it is fuzzy, particularly around the edges where the moon will pass.

The partial eclipse will happen at 22:50 Friday.

Unfortunately the weather forecast for tonight isn't great with cloud covering much of the country - but you never know!