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Disneyland Paris: Magic For All The Family

Disneyland Paris: Magic for all the family Disneyland Paris

For sheer value for money, it's hard to beat a visit to Disneyland Paris, because once you're through the gates, all the rides and entertainment are included.

It's also easy to get to from the UK, which makes hopping over for a weekend or a few days in the school holidays very attractive.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary year, there are three new special attractions:

Disney Dreams, a stunning night-time explosion of magic, lights and colour, involving dazzling lasers, dancing fountains incredible illuminations and a dizzying array of fireworks;

Disney Magic on Parade, a fantasy-fuelled extravaganza featuring giant floats and a very catchy theme tune;

A Celebration Train filled with favourite characters, new and old.

The parks

There are two parks - Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park - so look at the park maps together and work out which rides you definitely have to try.

It's really unlikely you'll hear the words 'I'm bored' during your visit, but it's definitely worth pacing yourselves, particularly if you're travelling with very young children, so they (and you) don't get exhausted.

Staying at an onsite hotel isn't just more convenient – you'll also get Extra Magic Hours, giving you more time to enjoy the rides before everyone else arrives. If you're visiting during the French school holidays, it's worth noting that the parks can get crazy busy. And always remember to Fast Pass the most popular rides.

Watching the parades

You'll need to queue up at least an hour before it's due to start, so you get a good view (once you have your place you can take it in turns to go to the loo, get refreshments and so on. If you've seen a parade, this is also an excellent time to go on some of the busier rides).


Remember that just like the UK the weather can be changeable so always pack wet weather gear and umbrellas. Both Halloween and Christmas (which begins in early December) are magical, because there are special parades, decorations and shows – but it can get quite cold. As long as you have enough coats, sweaters, gloves and hats, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to enjoy your visit.


While the food still isn't as good as you might expect (given it's in France) it's definitely getting better. Our top tip is to eat at least once at Café Agrabah.

Sounds good? Click on our gallery below for our guide to making the most of your trip, whatever the ages of your children.

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Words: Liz Jarvis