Sharp 'Chop-Syc' Is A Chopping Board And Tablet For Your Future Kitchen

This Chopping Board Is Also A (Useful?) Tablet

It's not that uncommon for us to want to take a knife to our gadgets and hack at them in frustration. But then it's not often either that we hear about a device specifically designed for that purpose.

A new prototype kitchen device by Sharp is that rare unicorn.

The Chop-Syc is a new chopping board with a built-in touchscreen tablet, designed to entertain you - or give you cooking advice - while you're chopping your veg.

The board was designed by an intern at the company, Siobhan Andrews, and has a scratch-proof chopping surface to ensure it can survive even the hardiest chef's slashing and dicing.

But while it will take the impact of a kitchen knife without any fuss, it will still respond to your touch commands - meaning you can use its included recipe manager, scales and visualisers to measure proper portions of food.

The Chop-Syc is housed in a block of wood, which helps you to avoid spills, and it charges wirelessly meaning you probably wont electrocute yourself if you slice open a particularly soggy tomato.

Take a look at how it works, above.


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