Tikker Wristwatch Counts Down Your Life (To Make You Happier)

The folks behind Tikker want to make you happy - by making you wear a watch telling you when you will die.

Sound insane? Well, there's method behind their morbidity.

The idea is by reminding you that life is finite, you'll make the most of the moment you're in.

It's not morbid, honest

Of course predicting when someone will actually die is far from an exact science -- but Tikker does give a rough calculation of life expectancy based on certain variables.

Obviously this doesn't take into account unexpected traffic, jilted lovers or worldwide flu epidemics.

Founder of Tikker, Fredrik Colting, told HumansInvent: "I think that if we are aware of death, and our own expiration, then we will have a greater appreciation for life.

"Some people have gone through near-death experiences, or survived serious illnesses, and they come out of it with a new way to look at life.

"They no longer sweat about the small stuff, but are simply happy to be alive. Hopefully Tikker can accomplish this."

The project is being crowd-funded on Kickstarter and has already obtained three times the initial target.

It's a nice idea, just don't take that countdown too literally...