One Direction's Harry Styles Ditches Rock And Roll Image For A Spot Of Golf In Australia (PICTURE)

How Very Errrrm, Rock And Roll Harry

Just as we thought Harry Styles had properly distinguished himself as the cool one in One Direction he goes and does this...

Yep, 1D's party-loving fashionista has ditched the black skinny jeans for a pair of white chinos and a bright purple top for a spot of golf. He's even swept that curly mop of hair, loved by millions, back with a hair band. Sob.

Harry Styles on the golf course

Harry was enjoying some down time from his band's Take Me Home world tour Down Under as he spent a day on the golf course with Australian tennis player Pat Rafter.

This isn't the first time Harry and Pat have hung out. The tennis star previously gave Harry a lesson is his game, which you can watch in the video below...

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