Pre-Great Fire London Recreated In Video Game Engine (VIDEO)

Even if you could travel back in time to London circa 1660, you probably shouldn't attempt it. Not only was the city awash with various horrible diseases, crime and appalling living conditions, it was also the sort of seething wooden metropolis that was liable to combust at any moment. Which of course it did.

Fortunately a group of clever students and video game engineers have a better solution.

Using the Crytek 'CyrEngine', a range of contemporary maps, drawings and other sources and their own boundless imagination, they have created a 3D recreation of old London which is astonishing in its detail.

The team from De Montfort University in Leicester, working with British Library, GameCity and Crytek, built the simulation to give viewers an idea of what it would be like to stroll through the streets.

No, it's not 100% accurate - many of the details are imagined or supposed. But it's an uncanny watch - there are glimpses of the town you know, but also a world totally lost after the Great Fire. Take a look, below.

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