'Mars Showcase': Take A 3D Trip Over The Red Planet With ESA's Amazing New Video

Ever wanted to fly over Mars? A new video by the European Space Agency can almost make that possible.

'Mars Showcase' is a dramatically detailed 3D visualisation of the surface of the Red Planet, made from data gathered by the Mars Express spacecraft after more than 12,500 orbits of the planet.

Set to a pumping techno beat, the result is a pretty magical trip across a world most of us will never see with our own eyes.

"From the highest volcano to the deepest canyon, from impact craters to ancient river beds and lava flows, this showcase of images from ESA’s Mars Express takes you on an unforgettable journey across the Red Planet.

The data have been used to create an almost global digital topographic model of the surface, providing a unique visualisation and enabling researchers to acquire new and surprising information about the evolution of the Red Planet."