Love Story Of The Couple Who Wed Despite The Groom's Terrible Car Accident Would Melt Even The Iciest Heart

Real love isn't about when the times your partner is nice to you - as marriage veterans know, it's when things are at their worst that it really shows what your relationship is made of.

One of the most heart-warming stories we've heard this year (and believe us, HuffPost UK Lifestyle can be snow queens when it comes to gushy romance) is the tale of an American couple who decided to get married even after a terrible accident derailed their lives.

Ian and Larissa before the accident

Ian and Larissa Murray, both 27, were dating for 10 months after meeting in college in 2005, when Ian got into a terrible car accident while on his way to work. He subsequently suffered from a terrible brain injury which massively affected his life - he was left unable to talk or eat.

Evidently Larissa's faith (the blog she wrote appears on a Christian website) has been one of the things that has got her through, but her love for him has really stood one of the most challenging tests. The truth is that most people, after dating for less than a year, would have decided it would just be too hard and move on.

On the website, Larissa - who works in marketing for a local bank - says that they probably looked like "complete weirdos" going on dates but "we had a blast and I just talked to him all the time."

They had spoken about marriage before the accident but that seemed to be impossible if Ian's condition didn't improve. Luckily it did, and after dating for four years after the accident, it became a possibility.

She wrote: "Marrying Ian meant that I was signing on to things that I donʼt think I ever wouldʼve chosen for myself — working my whole life, having a husband who canʼt be left alone, managing his caregivers, remembering to get the oil changed, advocating for medical care, balancing checkbooks, and on. The practical costs felt huge, and those didnʼt even touch on the emotional and spiritual battles that I would face.

"But in light of all the practicals, and emotionals, it was so very simple: we love each other."

Larissa and Ian had to visit a judge to get their marriage approved because he is still unable to make those sorts of decisions on his own. Larissa quoted the judge as saying: "You two exemplify what love is all about. I believe that marriage will not only benefit you both but our community and hope that everyone in this city could see your love for one another."

Although they wanted to get married before Ian's father - who was diagnosed with cancer - passed away, they didn't get to achieve that particular goal. But they did tie the knot and although Larissa must help him with everyday tasks, remain happy and married.

She says: "Sorrow has been a permanent resident in our 20s. It feels like the rest of the world uses these years for really fun things. But in our 20s, we have watched our future crash with him in that white station wagon and we now live with two versions of Ian. Weʼve watched all of our friends get married and have health. Iʼve watched as my girlfriends and sisters found husbands who could dance with them at their weddings and drive them to church on Sunday morning."

Larissa and Ian have a 'board of gratefulness' which they write messages about what they are thankful for. A lot of Ian's include 'my wifey'

Take a look at the video - even if you aren't religious - it will still make you feel wibbley...