31/10/2013 07:25 GMT

Amazon Reviewers Get Sent Loads Of Free Stuff

NOTE TO EDITORS. This photograph has been flipped using Photoshop so the logo reads correctly. The Amazon logo is reflected in an eye as the online retailer is to create almost 1,000 jobs at a new flagship distribution site in Scotland.

Ever written a review on Amazon? A tidbit of advice to help others in their quest for purchasing perfection?

Well you should. And here's why.

If you do it a lot you get sent loads of free stuff!

Take Michael Erb for example. He's ranked as the top customer reviewer on Amazon and gets all manner of freebies.

Erb is one of a select few who belong to the invite-only Amazon Vine.

The elite reviewers got a list of items twice a month from which they can choose to review.

Even better, they get to keep the items after.

Erb told NPR: "I have to admit it has probably caused a little bit of a strain on my marriage because my wife goes crazy.

"Literally every other day there's UPS boxes piled up at the door."

Erb has been given everything from cheap ear buds to a thousand dollar spin bike.

Want to get involve? You had better up your game.

The world of Amazon reviewing is extremely competitive as the retailer makes all of its rankings public.

There's even a Hall of Fame, currently topped by Harriet Klausner with a staggering 29,397 reviews.

Sound like a ot of effort? Oh well, you can always stick to writing spoof reviews...

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