'SkyRunner' Flying Car Can Soar Through The Air At 55MPH

'SkyRunner' Flying Car Can Soar Through The Air At 55MPH

Flying cars are increasingly a reality - even if the general population probably aren't yet able to reliably pilot them above our busy cities, flight paths and future time-travel lanes.

The latest example is the SkyRunner, which is able to both drive on a road as fast as a sports car, and then take to the air via a 'paraglide' wing at speeds of up to 55MPH.

The car is powered by a Ford EcoBoost engine with 123 brake horsepower. It can travel up to 115 MPH, and can then release the paraglide to soar up to 10,000 feet into the air.

Stewart Hamel, SkyRunner's founder, told the Daily Mail: "This vehicle will change the way people experience their world and provide pure enjoyment of flight."

You can reserve one now for $119,999. But yes, you need a pilot's license to fly it.

Take a look at how it works over at the Skyrunner website.

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