Helen Flanagan Pens Open Letter To Noisy Neighbours (PICTURE)

Helen Flanagan has jumped on the open letter band wagon to rant at her noisy neighbours.

The former 'Coronation Street' star was left 'furious' after being kept up all night in her Manchester apartment block, even fearing her doormat would be stolen(!).

No laughing please, this is a very serious matter.

Helen Flanagan

Helen uploaded a picture of her letter - written on scraps of lined A5 paper - on Instagram, raging:

"To, The people opposite me,

"I did not sleep a wink last night you were so loud. Its completely unacceptable.

"Your language and mens voices so loud are intimidating for a woman on her own trying to sleep. There are other people living here apart from you - like ME.

"I have reported you. This happens again I shall be ringing the police and I suggest you find a new home.

"You have once chance…I hope this is not repeated. I am furious.

"It was intimidating and it was threatening when i heard your friend saying he wanted to steal my door mat.

"I would like an apology. Roses would be nice. I like BLUE ROSES.

"Good Day."

However, Hels revealed she had written it to be 'half serious, half banter' and isn't going to send it to her neighbours (despite posting it on the world wide web).

"Actually wrote this this morning no sleep at all so have gone completely mental I won't give it them tho but it made me feel better," she captioned the picture of her letter.

Helen Flanagan

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