Artist Turns His Car Into A Jet Plane With An LG Projector (VIDEO)

While the most obvious use of an LG Minibeam projector is just to transform your wall into a 100-inch screen, there are also a few more creative ideas out there.

In its new viral campaign video ('“Beaming Rocket”), LG showcases 'Juan' - an artist who came up with some interesting new ways to use a projector in combination with a car, and a feverish imagination.

With the help of the Minibeam's WiFi connection, LED lamp and 1280 x 800 pixels resolution, he was able to do something pretty impressive - and surprising - on the streets.

Unfortunately we don't have details on Juan's full name - so we're not able to find any more of his videos. But Juan, if you're out there, kudos. That's a pretty impressive flying car to have invented for the cost of two projectors.