Lizzie Cundy Suffers Double Wardrobe Malfunction, Flashing Boob And Underwear At Awards Bash (PICTURES)

Lizzie Suffers DOUBLE Wardrobe Malfunction

Given that Lizzie Cundy will attend the opening of a packet of crisps, she must have a hard job finding enough suitable dresses, which could explain why she was wearing one that didn't adequately cover her modesty on Monday night.

The former WAG was left red-faced after suffering a DOUBLE wardrobe malfunction at a celebrity bash.

Lizzie Cundy flashes her nipple and her underwear on the red carpet

As she posed for photos on the red carpet, Lizzie was unaware that she was simultaneously flashing her nipple AND her knickers.


While her boob was busy making a bid for freedom, the large slit in the front of her fancy dress also exposed her underwear.

Lizzie covers herself up after suffering a nip slip

Eventually, The Cundy realised her boob was on show and quickly covered up her nip slip, making her way inside to take advantage of the free bubbles.

What a pro!


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