'Stop Tidying Your Room!' Harry, 9, Has Collection Of 40 Vacuum Cleaners

'Tidy your room!' It is an order all too familiar to any parent – except for Harry Burrows' mum and dad.

For the nine-year-old schoolboy hasn't got just one vacuum cleaner to help him with the chore: he has FORTY!

Harry discovered his passion for vacs when he was a baby and his parents used the droning sound to soothe him to sleep.

As he got older, he became obsessed with the household appliance and went about collecting and repairing old cleaners with his grandfather Derek.

Now, he spends every penny of his pocket money on old or rare models.

The boy, from Halesowen, West Midlands was given his first device - a Henry - for his fourth birthday.

His dad Paul, 37, said: "Now we've got them in the loft, living room, spare bedroom and they are in Harry's bedroom.

"He's into anything electrical, but especially vacuum cleaners."

Harry's collection includes a 1930s Electrolux - which he has entered into a local competition to find the oldest working domestic electrical appliance in the Black Country.

He is also the proud owner of two pump action, non-electrical vacuums from the early 1900s, a 1960s Hoover Junior and a 1940s Electrolux.

Over the years, he's scoured car boot sales, second hand shops and the internet for unusual models - with his parents estimating they have spent around £1,000 so far on his hobby.

He has even set up an eBay account which sends him an alert every time someone puts a cleaner up for sale.

Harry said: "I don't really know why I like them so much - perhaps it's because my grandpa is an electrician.

"My favourite is a 1960s Dirt Devil because it's the best for picking up my Jack Russell dog Jacket's hairs."

His mum Sarah, 37, said: "Harry loves his vacuums and now he's expressed an interest in lawn mowers too.

"At least I know the house won't get dirty and the lawn will always be mowed."