André Villas-Boas Blasts 'Incompetents' Over Hugo Lloris Head Injury

Villas-Boas Blasts 'Incompetents' Over Lloris Head Injury

André Villas-Boas blasted those who criticised Tottenham's decision to keep Hugo Lloris on the field of play after being knocked unconscious as "incompetents".

Fifa's chief medical officer, Professional Footballers' Association head Gordon Taylor and brain injury charity Headway have all censured the Spurs manager for not substituting Lloris after Romelu Lukaku collided into him during Spurs' 0-0 draw at Everton on Sunday.

Lloris needed lengthy treatment and Villas-Boas said the Frenchman could not remember the incident. Headway labelled Spurs' actions "irresponsible and cavalier".

Villas-Boas is furious at the reaction at Lloris' injury

Spurs insist Lloris was fit to continue playing following thorough checks by club doctor Shabaaz Mughal and physio Geoff Scott.

And it is this criticism of the club's medical staff, who saved Fabrice Muamba's life at White Hart Lane two seasons ago, that has riled Villas-Boas so much.

"I stand absolutely by the decision I took and I stand by the decision that the medical department took following the checks that they made on the player," the Tottenham manager said in a fiery press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

"All the checks were according to the book. I have registered the fact that a couple of people have taken this opportunity to find the chance to get themselves publicised who have no experience in the pitch whatever in these type of situations.

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Hugo Lloris injury

"And I find it extremely disappointing that two people - a great doctor and a great physio, who saved the life of Muamba were heavily put into question by lots of incompetent people, with absolutely no experience on the pitch, no experience in the action, no experience in the moment.

"That is extremely serious and disappointing."

When asked if Scott and Mughal were angry about their conduct being questioned, Villas-Boas said: "Yes, of course."

Mughal and Scott aid Lloris on Sunday

Villas-Boas is also irked by comparisons between Lloris' situation and those encountered in different sports such as rugby, and other head injuries in football.

"It's something that astonishes me why it's tried to be put in the same mould as all of these situations that happened in the past," he said.

"My medical department has followed the Premier League guidelines for this type of situation. This is not comparable to American football, rugby, Andros Townsend's situation or Petr Čech's situation."

Rarely has Villas-Boas been so animated and passionate about a subject since he moved to England.

The Portuguese is also unhappy Lukaku has not been in touch with Lloris and reckons the Belgian could have avoided contact with the France 'keeper.

Villas-Boas is unhappy Lukaku has not contacted Lloris following the incident

"I find it remarkable as well that nobody has dedicated themselves to find out if the player could have avoided keeper and I'm disappointed that Lukaku hasn't contacted Hugo," Villas-Boas continued.

"I don't question Lukaku's integrity or human side, I have maximum respect for him and I think he has for me, but from all this excitement from something that is so negative I'm surprised no time was lost to study this.

"I don't want to question Lukaku, he's a young player, wonderfully gifted but I think he could have jumped over Lloris."

Villas-Boas says he has not taken the criticism of his decision to keep Lloris on to heart.

"People can have a pop at me at any time, I'm immune to that," he said with a smile.

"After my Chelsea experience, I took a vaccine that makes me immune to a couple of things. I've lived through a lot."

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