SHOP! Vintage Sequins

SHOP! Vintage Sequins

When it comes to the matter of sequins there is a general feeling of:

a) Whoa no way, too flashy.

b) Maybe if I'm at a Christmas party...

c) Yes - but only of the vintage variety.

What is it about a whole lot of sequin that divides opinion? Sequins are how to get noticed in life, how to add a bit of sass to your everyday style (jeans x Converse + sequin blazer = ruddy awesome) and you don't have to be channeling your inner Strictly contestant to do this trend either.

Diamond Are A Girl's Best Friend

A safe bet is opting for something vintage, something made beautifully you can re-wear and re-love that is a far cry from ANYTHING chintzy or cheap. If you're doing the sequin trend this season, do it with statement pieces like jackets, jumpers, skirts, dresses, handbags.

Don't be the girl dipping her toe in with something rubbish like a sequinned belt - that's no fun at all - and if you start to lose courage just think to yourself, what would Marilyn do?

Here's a shopping gallery to get you started - vintage sequins lady, vintage sequins...


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