Chinese Vagina Monologue-Inspired Photography Project Rocks

China's Vagina Monologue-Inspired Photography Stunt Slammed

Who knew a message from one's vagina could provoke such outrage?

A group of 17 Chinese female students have landed themselves in hot water after being inspired by the film the vagina monologues and deciding to be photographed carrying messages from their vaginas.

The group of students from the Beijing Foreign Studies University said that their action was to demand more respect for women and was inspired by The Vagina Monologue, written by an American writer Eve Ensler.

"I want respect"

But the stunt was not gone down well with almost everybody in China who said that the women have disgraced their educational establishment, regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the country particularly among those wanting to learn foreign languages.

"Please don't consider me a sensitive word"

"Please don't come in the name of love"

The message is that the girls carried were written in Chinese in order to make sure it was understood by their countrymen. It was also to promote a play also related to the girls message that was organised by them and staged at the University, and again which was based on the original stage show of the similar name.

One critic said: "This whole action is ridiculous, and the girls are completely shameless. They simply have no idea how wrong what they are doing is."

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