HTC 'Gramohorn II' Is A £999 Double-Horned Acoustic Smartphone Speaker

Would You Spend £999 On A Set Of Horns For Your Phone?

HTC has spent a lot of time and effort of late making the speakers of its HTC One smartphone the best in the business.

But if you're still not happy, there's now another solution.

As part of its 'Here's To Creativity' campaign to support British artists, the company has unveiled this £999 acoustic speaker, comprising two giant horns designed to amplify your phone's audio.

The horns ('Gramohorn II') were designed by Justin Wolter, and made with the help of a 3D printer.

The dock is said to increase the sound from the speakers by 50% and comes hand painted in any shade you like. You can also buy a stainless steel version for £4999, if you're insane.

Engadget adds that the speaker cradle can also fit an HTC One Mini or One Max.


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