Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: A Guide

Want to add the illusion of space and light to your home? Hanging a beautiful mirror can work wonders on any space. Lisa Cowan finds the best and most beautiful looking glasses on the market

The mirror - perhaps one of the most underrated items filed under the "accessories" tab on home decor sites, or the forgotten beacon of light and beauty in the furniture department of your favourite high street department store.

Mirrors aren't mere vanity enablers, we'll have you know. Underneath their glassy exterior they have the ability to add depth, light, space and texture to any room, in any house, large or small.


From long and lean to small and mighty, shabby chic to modern minimalism, neutral to neon, there's a mirror out there just waiting to help bring a new dimension to a cramped studio flat, a vast loft or help bring to life even the dullest and darkest of wall spaces. Allow us to be your guide through this mirror maze. Scroll through the styles and find all the details about each piece in our gallery at the bottom of the page...

If you live in a small city flat, your primary concern will no doubt be space. There's a simple solution - an oversized, full-length mirror. Perfect as a standalone statement piece, yes, but it also cleverly opens up even the smallest of spaces AND it's a cheap alternative to upsizing. We love this large driftwood mirror from Not On The High Street, bringing the outdoors indoors and adding a real talking point to your home.

Another space saving alternative is this nifty multi-tasker from Conran; a mirror, design piece and storage unit al rolled into one. This is the mirror for those of you who like to see themselves from head-to-toe but are lacking on storage and floor space. If, like us, you like to do your make-up standing up, this is the ideal piece for perusing your handiwork while having your tools stored close to hand should you need to do any touch-ups.

Marks & Spencer

If your living room is lacking in a focal point, an arched window mirror instantly creates a room with a view. Place it on a wall in need of TLC and watch it come to life. It's amazing what a little bit of glass can do. It's also much cheaper than knocking a hole through the wall to see a real view.

If space isn't the issue, perhaps making hallways, bedrooms and/or general living spaces look appealing is your challenge. Bring some animal magic into your home thanks to this quirky-cool antler mirror. We like to think of this more as a piece of art than a mirror. The dark smooth wood will look superb against a colourful wallpaper backdrop, or as a splash of interest on a white-wash wall.

If faux animal cast-offs aren't your thing, perhaps an of-the-era piece might work instead? Bring some Gatsby glamour to your life with a 1920s style mirror that will add more than a hint of jazz to your interiors. Match it with similar time-period pieces and watch it take centre stage. Someone get us a cocktail and a flapper dress, pronto!

John Lewis

Modern day decoration mirrors are just as appealing as their glassy forefathers though. Take the Francoise collection of oval mirrors, for example. It will bring interest and light to your room, be it a bedroom, living room or hallway. It's a statement piece that really draws the eye.

Graham and Green

Colour is also a great way to add texture and depth to a room. We love Ikea's graphic yellow version - it's fun, playful and budget friendly - and at £3.50 you can afford to switch it when you're ready for a new season hue.


For the more adventurous interior lover who likes to experiment with texture and statement everything, the Porcupine mirror from Graham and Green is a real crowd pleaser. It's more about its striking form than the mirror itself so be sure to hang it on a muted wall or at the top of the stairs to allow it to make its mark.

Graham and Green

Birdcage frames and lighting are also big news for your home. This quirky birdcage mirror will add charm to a bathroom or will brighten up a neglected wall in a living room. A cheep (sorry!) way to change up the mood.

House of Nostalgia

Last but not least, mirrors can also add character to your garden. Place a mirror similar to the design below facing your outdoor table and enjoy taking in your surroundings as you enjoy lunch alfresco. It beats an old-school hanging basket any day.


Whatever type of home you have, big or small, owned or rented, mirrors are a quick and easy way to put your stamp on the place. We're hoping to copy this inviting space below. Two large mirrors side by side not only look visually spectacular, they also open up the room and provide a huge expanse of mirror to dance in front of take in the delightful furnishings of your lovely home. Enjoy.


Click through our gallery for more mirror-related tips and hints. Here's looking at you!

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