'Feeling Cagey' Replaces Instagram Selfies With Nicholas Cage's Face

The concept of the selfie has been in the news lately - from whether it's acceptable to take one at a funeral, to whether or not Justin Bieber should be investing his millions in them.

Whatever your stance, you have to admit that this next example of the selfie craze is absolutely certain to (a) make its creator a billion dollars and/or (b) make you laugh on a dreary Wednesday afternoon.

FeelingCagey, by Josh McMillan, is a site whose only purpose is to affix the face of internet meme motivator and presumably current Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage, over the faces of people posting selfies on Instagram.

Above: the site at work

The site claims to work in real time - and has recently picked up a fair following of users hypnotised by its strange, though obviously important and significant work:

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