'Panono' Throwable Ball Camera On Indiegogo Could Be The Future Of Photography

You Can Literally Throw This 360-Degree Camera In The Name Of Art

Remember how excited we got over the prototype for a throwable camera that shot 360-degree panoramas in mid-air?

Well, they're about to become a commercial reality - with your help.

Panono has just launched on Indiegogo and it looks amazing.


The spherical camera contains 36 cameras capable of taking a full 360 by 360 -degree panoramas at 72 megapixels.(click here for an example).

To operate you simply throw it in the air and at its highest point an accelerometer kicks in and it takes a picture.

Pictutres are automatically downloaded to an app meaning they're almost instantly accessible.

It's a pretty simple idea but one with some incredible potential for opening up a completely new perspective in photography.

The company behind it are looking to raise $900,000 (£566,500) to pay for the final stages of production.

For £314 you can reserve yourself an early bird version of the camera or if you're feeling really flush you can book the prototype to cover an event for a measly £9,450.


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