World's Oldest Creature Is A 507-Year-Old Mollusc Named Ming... Or Was Until It Was Killed By Scientists

It’s time to rewrite history: The world’s oldest living creature has been revealed as a 507-year-old quahog clam.

Or at least it was, until a team of scientists managed to kill it by opening it up for analysis.

Ming the mollusc as it has been dubbed, was minding its own business on the seabed off the north coast of Iceland, when it was dredged by researchers from Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences in 2006.

Ming the mollusc had reached the ripe old age of 507 before scientists killed it by prising it open

A year later, experts announced they had studied the annual growth rings of the ancient clam and determined it to be between 405 and 410-years-old.

But it has since emerged the clam, which was stored in a freezer after its discovery and subsequent death, was actually 507-years-old at the time of its demise.

The error in calculating Ming’s age was realised after using refined methods of scientific examination.