'Happy Hour Virus' - The Easiest Way To Leave Work On Friday


At the time of writing, it's Friday. And so, if you're a human at a workplace, you're probably dreaming of that first pint in the pub, a good meal or a warm bath at home.

So if you need to get out of work with a convincing excuse, we have a good little suggestion for you.

Happy Hour Virus is a simple little website which can load a totally harmless full-screen animation designed to look as if you're computer is on the blink.

You have three choices - a Kernel Panic, a fuzzy screen or a Blue Screen of Death. Just click the one you need and - as the site suggests - "make frustrated sigh, exit building".

Just hope your tech support guys haven't visited the site first. Or know how to press the Escape key, which will take you back to your desktop.

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