15/11/2013 22:31 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Teen Who Was Swapped At Birth Speaks Out

A teenager who was swapped at birth has given a rare interview about growing up not knowing her biological parents.

Callie Johnson, who is now 18, was switched with another baby at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville. The Medical Centre discovered they had switched the children shortly after their birth in June 1995.

Her biological parents, Kevin Chittum and Whitney Rogers, died in a car crash three years later without ever knowing about the mistake.

The hospital discovered the error after a paternity test showed that neither Callie's 'mother' Paula Johnson or her boyfriend were the toddler's biological parents.

The issue led to changes in security procedures at hospitals in the US, according to local TV news.

Callie was three when Ms Johnson discovered that she was not her biological mother and that the daughter she gave birth to - called Rebecca - had been taken home by Mr Chittum and Ms Rogers.

In an interview with CBS6, Callie, who lives in Richmond, Virginia, said: "The big question everyone always asks me is 'would you prefer your parents still be alive or passed?'

"'I don't know what I'm missing so in a sense, I do feel more sorry for Rebecca, because she doesn't know her biological mom."

Paula said she was angry when she found out about the baby switch and that anger persists to this day.

"I'm angry because I don't have a relationship with my biological child. I'm angry at the hospital because the only thing I ever asked was them to apologise," she said.

"I'm angry that Kevin and Whitney aren't here to see what a beautiful child she is and how much she's grown."